The bank should not have your car title if it is paid off. If you declared bankruptcy and it was discharged, your bank credit card account should be dismissed. Can credit union hold title on car if car used as collateral and loan is default? Yes. That's why the credit union has possession of the title. If you used the car as collateral for a loan and default on the loan the lender will take possession of the car and sell it to offset what you owe on the loan. What are some companies that offer automobile title loans? Automobile title loans are loans where one uses one's proof of ownership of a car as collateral for a loan. Some companies that offer automobile title loans are Trade Financial Credit LLC and Car Title Loans California.If you have the title to your car can the lender repo it if you used it for collateral? Can a credit union keep my car title due to my filing bankruptcy on a credit card I had with them also? You financed the car through the credit union, huh? I can't think of any other reason why they would have the title. They will probably repossess the car. They want to sell the car to get back some of the money you owe. If a car has a lien placed on it prior to bankruptcy being filed do you get the title back when the bankruptcy is completed? It really depends on the type of bankruptcy petition you file.If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy the creditor who put the lien on your car may be able to take your vehicle. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you'll have the opportunity to make payment arrangements with your creditor and in that case you should get the title back after all of your payments are made and your amended. Is it legal for a Credit Union to demand payment on a loan you got to purchase a car when they do not have the title for it? IF you signed a loan with the CU and used the car as collateral, YES IT IS LEGAL. And it is WISE for you to pay.Loan for someone with no credit history? People with no credit history or with bad credit can get a car title loan. Car title loans, also known as "auto title loans", "pink slip loans" or just "title loans", is a fast way to borrow money using a person's vehicle as collateral. Which companies provide personal loans to individuals with poor credit? For those with poor credit, the two most common companies that offer loans are title and payday loan businesses. Both use a car/vehicle and a current check respectively as collateral for the loans in lieu of a credit check. Can you sell something that was on a credit card after filing bankruptcy on that card?After all the legal stuff is over do a title search on the bike if there is no lien on the bike it is yours to sell. Does a co-applicat have to be related to you? No. Anyone may apply for any credit jointly with someone else. They may require that you co-own or are on title for any collateral used to secure the loan. How can one obtain a cash loan if they have bad credit? You can obtain what they call a "Payday Loan" if you have bad credit. Just take along the title to your car and it will be used as collateral for your cash loan.Of course if you don't pay back the cash loan they get to keep your car. Can a credit union refuse to release the title of a car reaffirmed AFTER it is paid off because you filed bankruptcy and were discharged for other loans with the credit union? A discharge of a debt in bankruptcy does not mean the debt is paid. Secured debts such as a vehicle do not get discharged in BK. The loan has to be reaffirmed, paid as agreed or settled according to the terms of the lender. If none of the above apply, the credit union is still a lien holder on the title and the title will not be cleared until that is done.Which products are available from City Loans? City Loans offers fast cash loans over the internet. There is never a credit check because they take the title to your automobile as collateral. Once you have paid back the loan and any incurred interest they will give you back the title to your car. If you marry someone who has filed bankruptcy will you be denied a loan to refinance your house? No. You were not married to him. Keep your maiden name and keep your credit seperate. If it has been a long time out of the bankruptcy then his credit may not be that bad. In fact it is possible that it is better than yours. Call all three credit reporting agencies and have them send a free credit report for him and you to review.Can you take the possession of the car if you were the cosigner of a person who filed bankruptcy even if they have included the car in bankruptcy? No, not unless your name is on the title. No, not unless your name is on the title. No, not unless your name is on the title. No, not unless your name is on the title. Can you get a title for a bankruptcy car? If you purchased a home prior to a chapter 13 and then canceled the bankruptcy but now the refinanced rates are too high can you sell your home to your spouse if they have better credit? Generally a bank will consider a spouse just as responsible for the mortgage even if they are not on the loan itself or even title.As long as the mortgage itself has been paid on time then you can do what is known as a family deed transfer and I know of several banks that will do so with no hassle. Can you explain title Auto Equity Loans West Palm Beach loans? Consider a normal loan from a bank. You go to the bank and ask for money. Based on your credit history, the bank will give you what it considers a "safe" amount, one that you will pay back to them later with interest. In this case there is no collateral. In the case of a title auto loan, you are going to lender and giving them the title- the ownership rights- to your vehicle.Can your car be repo'ed if you have the title? IF your vehicle is collateral for loan in DEFAULT, it CAN be repoed. Why is a judgment lien still on the title after a discharged Bankruptcy? Generally, judgements survive bankruptcy. If you filed bankruptcy and have decided to sell your house Do you have to let the realtor know about the bankruptcy? If you filed for bankruptcy and the title company knows about it, then you cannot sell your house. Your title is not free and clear so a buyer could not purchase. It also depends on the bankruptcy, you should talk to your lawyer. Can you have back title of home after bankruptcy discharge? If you lost the title through foreclosure or abandonment in the bankruptcy, probably not, but it depends on a number of factors. Consult a lawyer in your area.